Volleyball Recruitment Video

A lot of parent and coaches ask me how I record video and extract snipped… here is what I learnt in the past 6 years of doing video recording/editing and stats…

What camera ?

I have a regular camcorder – any simple efficient camera will do

  • Go Pro ?  a lot of people use GoPro but I do not like the fish eye AND I find the battery limited (yes I see a lot of people with external battery pack) – its also expensive
  • iPad – I have not investigated but this is an option which could also help you in practice with a delay software so they can see what they just did.
  • I see some parents/sponsors with crazy systems – iPhone connected to expensive iPad with battery… start simple
  • Do I need HD – I would suggest yes, at least 720p so you can upload good high quality video to youtube for instance

You can find a good cheap old fashion video /camcorder for less than 300$ where a GoPro is 500$.I suggest

  • Buy extra SD card and from good brand with a good writing speed UHS 1 or 3. Sandisk are the best.
  • Buy extra batteries so you can record 5 games a day at about 2 hours each
  • Check if they support wifi – this will help you align the video when the camera is 10ft in the air
  • Check if you have a remote control to start and stop recording when the camera is up

Get a good review brand name one – or check ebay Kijiji for used one. A lot of people want to get rid of their year 2000 camcorder – I personally use an old HDC-TM700 … perfect


What Stand/Tripod?

I install it on a light stand at about 10 feet above the floor, directly in the back/middle of the court.

33$: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00KW0WPG0

  • Get a steady stand in case the ball hits it
  • You could carry a 2 or 4 pounds sand bag to make it even sturdier

What Video Editing Software ?

  • This is where you will spend most of the time so make sure you are comfortable using the software.
    Use some youtube video to learn how to efficiently cut and merge videos.
    I personally use DataVolley to extract videos but it is an overkill and pricey software if you just want to do video editing.

Here are some video edition Software

TIPS: How to create a recruiting Video ?



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