November 27, 2017

Getting Started in Volleyball

Volleyball is an exciting and fast paced non-contact sport for athletes of all ages. Every year this amazing sport grows with new athletes taking part at all levels of the game. The Titans are focused on providing positive opportunities for youth athletes to learn the sport of volleyball and compete in both our local programs and on one of our high level rep teams.

For athletes new to volleyball, the Titans offer a number of pathways to join and excel in the sport.


TITANS BEACH offers multiple programs throughout Toronto. Lead by Team Canada Beach coaches and athletes, Titans Beach provides a high-level of instruction for athletes to build their volleyball skills and prepare for competition in the OVA beach tour and beyond.

TITANS CAMPS are an excellent opportunity for both new and experienced athletes to improve their volleyball skills and build their love for the game. Titans Camps are a designed to provide high-quality instruction in a fun and accessible environment lead by Titans Rep Team coaches.


HEROES (age 8 to 11) introduces the basic skills and elements of the game in a fun and engaging environment. This program will instill a love of the game while preparing athletes to enter one of our program streams for older athletes.

JUNIOR LEAGUE and SENIOR LEAGUE are for athletes that wish to enjoy volleyball in a less competitive environment that combines training and gameplay. These weekly programs are a great way for athletes to discover volleyball, to improve their skills for rep or school programs, and to enjoy a fun social environment.

REP TEAMS are for athletes wishing to play in a competitive team environment with regular training and tournaments. Our teams compete in the Ontario Volleyball Association and beyond with a strong history of competitive success.