December 12, 2017

Play Volleyball

Volleyball is an exciting and fast paced non-contact sport for athletes of all ages. Every year this amazing sport grows with new athletes taking part at all levels of the game. The Titans are focused on providing positive opportunities for youth athletes to learn the sport of volleyball and compete in both our local programs and on one of our high level rep teams.

Volleyball is a life-long sport so a great game to learn and participate in at any age, but also demands a level of skill that provides a challenge to everyone. Learning volleyball at a younger age can provide athletes with both the talent and love for the game to benefit from volleyball for their whole lives. It is a great way to stay healthy, have fun, and make friends.

For athletes interested in high performance competition, volleyball is one of the most popular Olympic sports and our Canadian National Teams have shown a high level of skill at both indoor and beach volleyball. Titans programs are designed to allow athletes to develop the skills necessary to achieve their long term volleyball goals.

Young athletes can be first introduced to volleyball through our House League Program, which includes our Parent and PlayerHeroesJunior League and Senior League programs, as well as summer day camps. Starting at age 12, those athletes can then try-out for one of our competitive Rep Teams or join the Titans League. Titans League and our summer drop-in and day camp programs are also a great way for older developing athletes to prepare to join a Rep Team in future seasons. We also offer Titans Beach programs during the summer for athletes interested in the outdoor version of the sport.

Our Rep Teams and beach athletes primarily compete in Ontario Volleyball Association and Volleyball Canada competitions. For athletes wishing to take their game beyond the Rep Team level, Titans Elite training can help them to join high performance provincial programs. Many of our athletes have taken part in Team Ontario both indoors and on the beach. We also have a strong history of helping athletes to play at the varsity level both in Canada and beyond. From those high performance and varsity programs athletes are well positioned to pursue opportunities on our National Team or internationally as professional athletes.

Finally, every Titans athlete will benefit from improved skills and a positive volleyball experience, helping them to enjoy volleyball for life.