August 13, 2018

Titans Volleyball Association Prospect Academy Programs

The Titans Volleyball Association’s Prospects Academy is the home of all of our development programs. Our Prospects Academy is the start of our pathway to Volleyball for Life. We have programs for both boys and girls ages 4 and up. Our Prospects Academy programs are a great pathway to becoming a better school team player and to joining one of our Rep teams.

Below you will find details on all of our Prospects Academy programs.

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Parent and Player program (for girls and boys ages 4-7 and their parent)

This year the TVA has partnered with the Ontario Volleyball Association to deliver this innovative new program.

The Parent and Player Program (P&P) is an 8-week program (1hr/wk) where parents and their children spend quality time on the court together. Parents and children will participate in physical literacy activities, volleyball skill development and learn how to relate sport skills to life lessons. Parents must be fully dedicated to being actively involved in this program as both parent and child participate in the physical portion of the session and work side-by-side to more effectively learn the skills

Parents/guardians will be provided with educational materials on: physical literacy and the LTAD pathways, safety in sport, concussion management and nutrition.

For this year our P+P program will be available in Scarborough North, and Scarborough South.

Uniform: Each Parent and Player will receive a TVA t-shirt.

Heroes Program (for girls and boys ages 8-11)

Heroes introduces young athletes to the sport of volleyball and prepares them for future participation at the rep, league, and school levels. The goal of the program is to build physical literacy and fundamental movement skills, teach the basic skills to play a full game of volleyball, and most of all have fun in a high-energy environment. Our Heroes program is an 8-week program (1.5hr/wk). Heroes sessions are available during the Fall, Winter, and Spring at locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Heroes sessions will feature a mix of games and activities to build skills and confidence. The format could include drills, modified gameplay, and full competition to best suit the needs of the athlete and ensure every week is a great experience.

The Heroes program is a great pathway to becoming a member of a school team, being part of the Junior League, and to joining one of our Rep teams.

Uniform: Every participant in our Heroes program will receive a TVA t-shirt.

Junior League (Co-ed ages 12-14) & Senior League (Co-ed ages 15-17)

Our Leagues will focus on weekly 6 v 6 competition between co-ed teams. Players will develop offensive and defensive skills, game tactics, communication skills, and teamwork. The culmination of each 8 week seasonal session will result in playoffs and a Site Champion for each age division. Jr. and Sr. League sessions are available during the Fall, Winter, and Spring at locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Uniform: Every participant in our Junior and Senior League programs will receive a TVA t-shirt.

***NEW*** Each Site Champion will compete in an exciting City-wide Championship against other Site Champions in the same age divisions! A 9th week of competition has been added for the winner of each location. Winning teams will compete in a tournament to crown a City Champion. This level of competition is currently not offered anywhere else in Ontario. This volleyball festival will bring the city together, and give aspiring players a chance to meet others with the same passions and interests in sport while competing in a friendly and exciting atmosphere.