BEACH RESULTS: Athalia Duong -13U Crius 12U 1st Gold medal, Div 1, Tier 1 Marina Slapnicar -12U Vega 12U 3rd Bronze Medal, Div 1 Tyra Reci – 12U Hyperion 12U 14th Silver medal, Div 2
Susanna Moryl -12U Hyperion 12U 14th Silver medal, Div 2 Nylah Kalaw – 12U Hyperion 12U 17th Quarterfinals- 5th, Div 2 Edyta Coronel – 11U Extreme 12U 21st Prequarters- 9th, Div 2  
Avery Murray – 11U Extreme 12U 21st Prequarters-9th, Div 2 Louelle Miller – 12U Hyperion 12U 26th Silver medal, Div 3 Jessica Barnes – 11U Extreme 12U 41st Quarterfinals-5th, Div 4

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Congratulations to our long-time Titans Volleyball Association coaches Vito De Giorgio and Margaret Sawicka on receiving the prestigious Ontario Volleyball Recognition Award for their outstanding contribution to the sport of volleyball in our province!

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